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Pregnancy Yoga Helped To Prepare Mentally and Physically For First Delivery

Posted by prestory on April 5, 2011 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I had difficult times during my early days of pregnancy. I got depressed and exhausted and it kept ruining my days.  Earlier, I had a feeling that being pregnant will be the happiest days of my life. However, things did not go well as I had planned and dreamed. The problems started when the child was growing. Most of the time, I had to spend my days resting on the bed, which increased my back pain and problems. I was worried about the remaining months of pregnancy whether I might be confined to bed. These were miserable days in my life and I used to cry a lot. This is when I started to learn about pregnancy yoga and its benefits. However, I did not believe in the beginning about the benefits of yoga until I began to experience positive benefits practicing it.

The first change that happened to me with simple yoga practices was the energy in me had increased. I was feeling much happy with the situation and experienced great relief from the pain and problems. This new experience took away my depressions and worries and made me a new person with full of positive energy and well-being.

The first and foremost thing I learned was the importance of clear and good blood circulationin the body. When the body weight increased with the growth of the child, it is important to perform few simple physical training to stimulate the blood circulation and neutralize fatigue. I started with breathing exercise as Iearned practicing proper breathing exercise would do all good for my child and me. I felt energy restored in my body with the simple breathing exercises. With the breathing techniques, I got relief from back problems and was able to focusand concentrate more without any difficulties. Later, I started to practice few asanas that I learned from a yoga teacher. These asanas had changed my focus towards well-being.

At first, I practiced the “Tadasana”. It is known as mountain pose that helped me gain peace of mind and relaxed power. The best part of the asana is it relieved all anxiety and stress. I got the back and neck problems relieved by practicing the warrior pose. It is very effective that I stopped getting headaches. I practice the “Trikonasana” or the triangle pose at the end of all the basic session which symbolizes principle devotion. Apart from these, I have been practicing the “standing side stretch pose” to ensure the flow of energy through out the body.

“Viranasa” is a good pose I perform as it strengthens my feet and ankles. It is very effective as it helps to improve the overall posture. The fish yoga pose helped to improve the flexibility of spine and gained me relief from the stiffness of shoulder and neck muscles.  “Bidalasana” is also called as the cat pose, it improves the synchronization of breathing and movement.

For better overall balance and concentration, the tree yoga pose is useful as it strengthens the leg especially ankles, thigh and calves. I had little difficulty in performing the “Marichyasana” or the sage twist pose. I had help from my yoga teacher to perform this pose, as it is very effective for the abdominal organs. Finally, I perform the “Shavasana” as it is the best toper form for relaxation.

Having performed these asanas regularly, I am well prepared for my first delivery. I am surethat my child will be find and healthy as I deliver him. I have gained lot of confidence and able to focus now. Another source.